8 best wordPress  plugin

8 best wordPress  plugin


What is wordpress Plugin?

A plugin is a software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website.Wordpress plugin can add new fuction to your

website.WordPress plugins are written in PHP programming language which is hidden to users.This plugin help user to make website more attractive,animated etc

in easy way.



8 best wordpress plugin 

  • Magazine Builder – Magzine builder is the latest plugin in wordPress.Its main purpose is to make website like magazine layouts,elements,slick slide featured that bring a cool look to a website.This wil turn your website into magazine theme and it is very easy to use.


  • Woo Shop slider- Woo Shop Slider is specifically designed for those users who want to sell their products online.This plugin offer different types of slides styles.This plugin is best for those who want to make e-commerce website.


  • Master Slider-This plugin help user to add HTML formatted text,links,texts or video directely into each slide and user can independently animated each slide of every page with this plugin. This will provide 70 animated options to choose master slide


  • Royal Slider- This is very intelligent plugin in wordpress.This plugin is basically used by companies like Coca Cola, Land Rover etc. This plugin can do anything that you want from a slider. Perfect for showing High resolution things like Image,Text etc


  • Logos Showcase – This logos showcase plugin help user to make grid of images with external or internal links or need to display logos. This is multi-use plugin in wordpress


  • Carousel Anything For Visual Composer- With carousel anything you can turn anything into a slider  like website images, posts, team member, videos , or anything else you want  in an appropriate manner .This plugin is easy to use or  easy to understand for users


  • Ultra Portfolio- In ultra portfolio user can make portfolio with slider featured. This plugin offers large number of options to make best portfolio. This plugin provides the ability to user to control animation effects and animation speed. Ultra portfolio also give option to user to combine various slider options with a wide range of portfolio options.


  • Page Builder- It is free plugin in wordpress. This plugin provide basic modules, a good variety  page templates. This doesn’t have as many options to customize your page.



This all 8 wordpress   plugin helps you to make your website in good manner, and make website well-customized , animated .



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