Never attempt to run, unless it is the last choice. The one stalking you may be a competitor as well.

Try not to endeavor to shock him. An astonished man won’t figure anything other than will do everything.

Utilize good judgment.

Once a Filipino young lady was captured by a gathering. While they were endeavoring to place her into their auto, she said “No need of any assistance folks. I will get into this auto myself. Be that as it may, my father and his companions are not who you think. When they know I am feeling the loss of, your companions and relatives will clean your mind pieces from this asphalt”. The hijackers dropped the young lady in that spot and fled. The young lady’s dad is a tailor. Quiet down and think. Sound judgment works unfailingly.

The last piece of self protection against physical mischief is striking back – harming back. Men are feeble in three regions, physically.

The groin – the area between the legs

Eyes (For the two men and ladies)

Nose (For the two men and ladies)

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