We don’t need any women’s activists to dissent before our homes so let us make something clear. The title is self protection for ladies yet we are not saying ladies are the weaker sex. We are very much aware that even young men get annoyed and assaulted. The fact of the matter isn’t to make all ladies into muscle heads so no one will upset them. It is simply to give them a couple of tips and pointers to know in the event of crisis.

Where ladies require self preservation?

Truly, each and every place. Gone are simply the days when safeguard for ladies implies adapting some karate moves and breaking a couple of blocks. These days ladies need to safeguard themselves against three sorts of assaults to be specific

Physical damage

Mental damage

Digital tormenting.

Give us a chance to take a gander at them one by one.

Physical damage:

Consistently, we find in daily papers chain grabbing by hoodlums or looting an unarmed lady even with no attempt at being subtle. Much the same as Man Vs Wild, we will expound the basic physical attack situations and give a couple of tips how to utilize self preservation for ladies there


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